Archway Extravagance

Spruce Things Up With an Archway

Alrighty, it’s time for our next post! We’re going to do something a little different for this one. Now, when you think of “interior design”, your mind probably wanders to things like furniture, rugs, and other accessories that you might place throughout your home. And typically, that’s what we’re talking about too.  Recently, however, Kristin and I have been taking a little more of a hard-hat approach to my apartment. No, we weren’t knocking down walls or adding in a sunroof (although that would be awesome), we actually went about adding a bit of archway style to an otherwise bland foyer. The hallway when you first enter my apartment was kind of…ugly. Other than a few cool things hung on the walls, its ultimately a pretty barren and boring space.

No, not that kind of arch…

So, we looked up different ways to make things a little more interesting. Sure, paint or some kind of design on the wall might help, but that might only be a partial solution. Soon, we came across something far more interesting; did you know that there are companies out there that make specialized ceilings? I’m not talking about completely gutting your ceiling, but this one company, Archways and Ceilings, has specialized arch and ceiling kits, based on what exactly you’re looking for. They customize these do-it-yourself kits based on the measurements you need. Admittedly, it does look kind of daunting, but we’re excited to try it! I’m totally ordering one soon (and roping Kristin in to help me install it when it comes) and I’m excited to to get started.

There are plenty of avenues to pursue to make your space a little more interesting. We’re picking this one for now because it’s different than JUST hanging something up or displaying a new knick-knack. The change here is a bit more permanent and may require a bit more of an investment, so keep these things in mind before you go on an archway shopping spree.

To wrap things up, I included an archway how-to tutorial from the same company. They have a bunch of these for their different products.