Glamorous Web Design

When we decided to begin this design blog, we agreed that it would cover all different aspects of design. Today, we’re focusing in on web design, something both of us enjoy! Being large online shoppers, we take notice of many websites. A company’s website should be both appealing and user-friendly, and we know that we aren’t the first people to leave a company’s website if it’s unattractive. A website should help a company, not hurt it!

Here are some website design tips to help your website’s appearance

Find a happy balance. The text and images should be balanced. This allows for a symmetrical, clean and organized look. Balance is important throughout the whole website, but it’s especially important for the homepage. An unorganized and cluttered homepage can scare visitors away.

Fonts.There are so many fonts to choose from, but not all of them are readable. Along with being readable, the font should reflect the company’s brand and personality.

Color.Choose a color scheme, not every color. Just like the font, the colors should reflect the company’s brand and personality. If you decide on a dark color scheme, make sure the font colors are light enough to see. Take for example, the website has dark colors in the background, but the white font stands out nicely. We also love the moving components!

huemor colors

Pictures.Use original pictures. Whether you take your own or hire a photographer, it’s best to have photos that are unique to the company. Plus, people respond well to visual content!

Videos.Create a video for your homepage. People love video content, it’s entertaining and engaging. Many company websites choose to create videos that answer who they are, what they do, etc.

In need of some tools, tips and tricks? Check out this video! Good luck to all :)